William J. A. Sparks, Esq.

William J. A. Sparks, Esq.

I am an accomplished senior attorney with extensive law firm training before I went in-house. I spent most of the years since I graduated from Duke University Law School in 1973 as in-house counsel (OLN: NYSE and GRA: NYSE) managing litigation. I now practice in Garden City as a mediator and an arbitrator.

I worked closely with outside counsel in defending cases in areas including products and commercial litigation. In my years at Grace, I had responsibility in litigation in areas of construction, products, property damage, personal injury, and toxic torts. I spent years as part of a team of lawyers in our Chapter 11 reorganization (bankruptcy). I also handled other areas, including employee matters related to false claims and claims brought by the EEOC.
During my handling of litigation, I developed an approach and use of early evaluation and settlement wherever possible, including mediations. I was active in settlement negotiations and represented my corporate employer in mandatory settlement conferences, and this involved Mediations as the client.

Since July 2009, I have worked in Garden City, and I am a member of the Nassau County Bar Association (NCBA) Mortgage Foreclosure Project. I represent homeowners pro bono in clinics and mandatory settlement conferences in Nassau County Supreme Court between homeowners and banks. I am a member of the NCBA panel of Mediators and Arbitrators. I am on the roster of Mediators for the Supreme Courts, Commercial Division in Nassau County, Queens County, and New York County. I mediate cases as part of the ENE – Mandatory Mediation program of the Nassau County Supreme Court. I mediate insurance cases as a Mediator on the panel of EDNY mediators to resolve Superstorm Sandy cases (insurance coverage).

I am admitted to practice law in New York, New Jersey, and Florida. I am active in organizations, including the New York State Bar Association (ADR and Commercial/Federal Litigation Sections); New Jersey State Bar Association; the Florida Bar Association; IADC (International Association of Defense Counsel); and the New York City Bar (Professional Discipline Committee). In the NCBA, I am a memeber of the ADR Committee and the Commercial Litigation Committee.